VIDEO UPLOAD – EK FC Radeon Vega GPU Block Installation

2 Sep

Greetings Mod Scientists!

Enjoy a two part series on how to install the EK FC Radeon Vega GPU block onto your brand new AMD Radeon Vega graphics card!
You can use this as a general tutorial on how to install a water block onto your graphics card. A little time and patience and you’ll be liquid cool in no time!

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Enjoy 15 Minutes of Destiny 2 (Beta) on Radeon Vega Frontier Edition

30 Aug

Greetings Mod Scientists!

Today I bring you some footage of Destiny 2 (Beta) at MAX settings on a Radeon Vega Frontier Edition GPU.
Average FPS is around 30, except for in major scenes, where the FPS dips down to the low 20s. It’s a pretty demanding game, especially with MSAA enabled. With it disabled, I was getting about 10 FPS more on average. System specs are below. Be sure to check out the YouTube channel for more!

AMD Ryzen 5 1600 @ 3.9 GHz
AMD Radeon Vega Frontier Edition @ Stock with 8/14/2017 Beta Release Drivers
3×8 GB G. Skill Trident Z DDR4 PC3200 @ 2133 (Due to boot issues with motherboard)
GIGABYTE Aorus Gaming K7 Motherboard w/ EK AX370 Monoblock installed on CPU and VRM modules

EK FC Radeon Vega GPU Block Unboxing Uploaded to Mod Science Youtube Channel

29 Aug

Greetings Mod Scientists!

Here’s some unboxing footage of EKWB’s EK FC Radeon Vega GPU Block for AMD’s Radeon Vega Frontier Edition and RX Vega 64 and 56 video cards.
I will have additional footage of the installation of the block on the GPU and also some additional photos uploaded to the site.

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And as always, stay cool, liquid cool!

17 Aug

And the efficiency keeps on coming.  AMD has released a driver that further optimizes the RX Vega GPU chipset for crypto mining.  We all know how effective the Polaris chipset has been mining Etherium, so it’s pretty cool to seem further optimizing their new GPU chipset.  Gamers have been rather upset about being able to obtain a new RX Vega GPU since miners have been snatching them up.  But the laws of supply and demand will always ring true and it’s always good to have your products highly desired by a community.  If the lack of any available Vega GPUs upsets you, then you may as well capitalize on the opportunity and buy some AMD shares while they’re low.  And yes, they are low, ladies and gentlemen.

Unboxing of GIGABYTE’s RX Vega 64 Uploaded!

17 Aug

Greetings Mod Scientists!

Get ready for some Vega madness.  Check out our latest unboxing video featuring the one and only Vega 64 GPU!  These bad boys are sold out everywhere, so I was very fortunate to snag one before they were sold out.  I will have benchmarks and performance videos uploaded soon.  I will also be installing EK’s Vega GPU block soon, so be sure to check back for updates.

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XFX RX Vega 64 Already One of the Top Selling GPUs on Amazon

15 Aug

Something interesting has happened on launch day of AMD’s new RX Vega 64 GPU.  The XFX reference version of the GPU has reached the number 2 spot for best selling GPUs.  It was number 1 earlier today.  We’re not just talking new releases, we’re talking recent history.  I find that pretty intriguing given that the card has only be released for one day.  

What has led to this demand?  Perhaps a hunger in the AMD fan base for a high end GPU, but probably (and more realistically) miners are seeing some massive ROI or potential efficiencies in the new Vega chipset.

Either way, it’s pretty damn impressive.  People have been knocking its price to performance ratio, especially considering the $100 mark ups for the “packs” that have been on sale across various online retailer websites.  But when your product is selling like hot cakes, that’s always a good thing.

My Gigabyte Black RX Vega 64 will be arriving on Wednesday.  I will have have unboxing footage soon.  Be sure to check out the YouTube channel or this site for updates.


WELP. That was fast. RX Vega 64 GPU Sells Out in Minutes

14 Aug

AMD’s entry into the high end GPU market, the RX Vega, sold out in minutes after release.

The word on the street is that they have twice the Etherium mining efficiency of the precious AMD Polaris chipset, so we probably have the miners to thank for their lack of availability.

I woke up early and was on the site refreshing repeatedly only to find that most of the silver versions sold out in minutes.  I was able to snag Gigabyte’s Black version though.  I will have unboxing footage uploaded when it arrives in two days.  I’ve also purchased EK’s Vega GPU block coming in soon, which will also come with unboxing and installation videos soon.